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Welcome to "The Baseball Kid." This is a blog about the greatest game every invented: baseball. We will talk about all things baseball here, especially my beloved Chicago White Sox.

A little about me: I was born in Aurora, Ill., and I reside in Crystal Lake, Ill. I'm a journalist by trade. I work as the night news editor for the Northwest Herald here in Crystal Lake. I used to be the assistant sports editor for Sun-Times Media West, but I resigned that position when the company boarded up the doors to The Beacon-News office in Aurora.

While I do enjoy my new role as a news editor, I knew I would miss being involved in sports journalism. So, for fun, I started this blog.

My partner in this project is my friend, Chris Pummer, who also used to work for Sun-Times Media West. I hope you will enjoy reading our thoughts and opinions. Feel free to comment or drop me a line at any time.

Jason Bauman

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