Monday, September 30, 2013

September 29, 2013: Diehard Day at U.S. Cellular Field

Nothing proves you're a diehard fan more than going out to the ballpark on the final day of a lost season, when your team is 63-98, when everyone else in the city is obsessing over the NFL.

Despite the White Sox' 4-1 loss to the Kansas City Royals, we enjoyed the beautiful weather Sunday and one last afternoon at U.S. Cellular Field before adjourning for the winter.

After the game, we lingered around after most fans had left the stadium and had an usher snap this photo of us down the third-base line at field level.

Obviously, I'm second from the right. My girlfriend, Jen, is second from the left. We were joined by our friends, Tom (far left) and Doug (far right).

"You're gonna win 60; you're gonna lose 60. It's what you do with the other 42 that counts. We lost 39 of them."  --- Jen

At least we showed we're the kind of fans that show up no matter what, even when our team is finishing up a historically bad season. All hope for the 2013 White Sox was lost months ago. I'll be the first to admit I'm more than fed up with the losing. That said, let this photo serve as a reminder that win or lose, baseball is fun. Trips to the ballpark are about good times and good friends, creating memories with the people you enjoy being around most. That's something I miss over the winter, no matter if the Sox had a good year or a bad year.

So long, U.S. Cellular Field, we'll see you again March 31, 2014. The Sox will be 0-0 that day, and that sounds a heckuva lot better than 63-99.

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  1. I love everything about this post. My favorite part is the second to last paragraph because it explains exactly how I feel about baseball, too. :)