Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Random White Sox thought for Wednesday afternoon

Found this tidbit in an article over at

The White Sox have Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Adam Eaton, Carlos Rodon, Jose Abreu, Todd Frazier, Miguel Gonzalez, Tim Anderson and Nate Jones set to make just $50 million combined for the 2017 season.

Given the production of those nine players, that's an amazing value, is it not? That's what is so aggravating about the Sox's continuing struggles: There is clearly a core of quality players already in place, yet the losing carries on unabated.

The article also notes the $10 million owed to James Shields is the only significant contract liability.

If the Sox opt to try to contend next year -- and I have no reason to believe they won't try -- shouldn't they have plenty of money to spend to supplement this core?

I would think so. Of course, I thought that last year, yet the most significant free agent contract handed out by the Sox was the one-year, $5 million deal signed by mediocre outfielder Austin Jackson.

If the Sox aren't going to rebuild, it's time to stop the excuses and open the wallet already. 


  1. This isn't really accurate. Frazier can go to arbitration - after setting a career high in homers and RBI he's going to get big money.

    And why leave Shields, Robertson, and Cabrera off this list? That's another $38 million after subtracting the 11 million SD is paying for Shields. So it's 88 million plus whatever Frazier rakes in via arbitration. I'd guess a total of 95 million on those 12 players.

    Next we have to consider that Lawrie will likely get tendered 5 million. Putnam and Jennings will get arbitration bumps, 1.5 million each. That's 103 million for the bulk of the roster that couldn't compete this year.

    Free agency is usually a bad gamble, as the Sox have proven numerous times. Cespedes and Reddick are the only two "odds are they won't suck" free agent hitters this year.

    This is what REALLY bugged me about Robin. A whole September with nothing to do but evaluate players and he squandered it. Could've seen if Avi was capable of playing first base, could've seen if Anderson could fill in at center, could've given Coats 85 more at bats. Instead it was the "Leury Garcia still sucks" show. UGH!

  2. Agree about Leury Garcia. Coats should have been playing. But Avi at first? It's long past time to move on from him. I don't see any scenario where Avi to 1B and Abreu to DH improves the team. That's reshuffling the deck chairs.

    And there's no chance I'd move Anderson off shortstop. No chance at all.

    I'm not convinced Frazier is going to get "big money" in arbitration. A raise? Yes. Big money? No. If it comes down to a hearing, I'm sure the Sox will be citing Frazier's .169 batting average with RISP this year to counter any argument about career highs in homers and RBIs. I'd also question whether Putnam and Lawrie are going to be on the team next year, coming off significant injuries.

    Robertson and Cabrera, not mentioned because they aren't "dead money," like Shields. Yeah, they make some bucks, but they are productive players. The Sox should have ample room in their budget, if they ever want to act like a big-market team.