Thursday, November 3, 2016

Here's a great article about the Cubs winning the World Series from a Sox fan's perspective

From Jim Margalus at South Side Sox:

I can't say it better, so I'm not going to try.

Some passages that notable:

"We saw it with Boston -- the easy underdog story is gone, replaced by obnoxious bandwagoners who take over road stadiums, celebrities glomming on to cash in, and a media that recycles the same fawning coverage. The Wrigley scene that fatigues even the ambivalent White Sox fan is going national. Good luck containing that. Even Bill Murray might not be immune from it."


"But those are great problems for a franchise to have. They’re better than the White Sox’ problems -- a franchise that’s perpetually stuck between competing and rebuilding. This year hurt more than most, as they ruined the concept of a hot start for the foreseeable future, then finished it by hiring another manager without an interview process and giving their stadium a worse name."


"Here in New York, baseball fans ask me if the relationship between the Sox and Cubs is akin to the Mets and Yankees. I tell them it’s worse for the underdog in Chicago, because at least Mets fans understand why the Yankees get top billing, what with the 27 titles. The Cubs grew in popularity by failing, which makes it all the more aggravating.

"Now, the Cubs now have a legitimate accomplishment to celebrate, which makes the imbalance understandable. Perhaps that'd be a positive development if it didn't wipe out the last vestige of South Side bragging rights that packed a punch (I don't think the Crosstown Cup counts anymore, gang). The Sox might have a higher percentage of "real" fans and a less nauseating scene, but that rings hollow. Sports are entertainment above all else, and one side of town is making it look way more fun than the other, and not just by drinking."
Well done, Mr. Margalus.


  1. Always left unspoken is the fact that so many people chose the Cubs over the Sox because they are afraid of the neighborhoods around 35th & Shields at night.

  2. Which is ludicrous, because that is not a dangerous area. The area around Wrigley has a higher crime rate than the area around Comiskey. True story. Look it up if you don't believe me.