Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Predict the date of Jeff Keppinger's first walk

Here at the The Baseball Kid, we like to salute horrendous play whenever the opportunity presents itself. Tonight, I'd like to discuss White Sox infielder Jeff Keppinger.

Can you believe this guy hit .325 as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays last season?

Keppinger has looked nothing like that player this year. Through 37 games and 132 plate appearances with the Sox, the veteran is batting .177 with a .174 on-base percentage.

You read that right. Keppinger's on-base percentage is even lower than his godawful batting average. How did that happen? Well, Keppinger has yet to draw a single walk this season. He does, however, have two sacrifice flies. Sac flies do not count against your batting average, but they do lower your on-base percentage. Keppinger has no walks or HBPs to lift his OBP, so that explains it.

There is now a Twitter account dedicated to Keppinger's inability to draw a base on balls. You can follow it at @DidKeppWalk.

I'll go ahead and make a prediction here. I've got Keppinger drawing his first walk of the season on May 24. I'll bet one of the Miami Marlins pitchers will be dumb enough to walk him.

Anyone else got a prediction?


  1. The very next series after Miami. Vs the Cubs. Marmol will put him on.

  2. Make it a parlay and team it up with Keppy's release date.

  3. Michael, I thought about that later after I had written this blog. If he doesn't walk against the Marlins, he's bound to have an at-bat against Marmol in the Cubs series.

    Marmol vs. Keppinger. The movable object against the resistible force. Who will win this battle of titans?

  4. We've all overbid. The correct answer was May 16. Michael Kohn of the Angels walked Keppinger on four pitches in the eighth inning. The bases were loaded, also. Keppinger's walk forced home the winning run in a 5-4 Sox victory.